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June 2019

Market Review

The year-to-date rally in global equities resumed during June, with the MSCI All Country World gaining 6%, in sterling terms. The S&P 500 reached new highs towards the end of the month – its best June since 1955 and best first half of the year since 1997 – as the market shrugged off concerns about global growth, buoyed by the prospect of monetary easing from global central banks and improved US/China relations at the G20 summit.

The US remains a relative bright spot in the global economy, despite softening data during the month. Non-farm payrolls were only up 75,000 in May (180,000 expected) while average hourly earnings increased 0.2% (0.3% expected), however the unemployment rate remains at 3.6%, close to 50-year lows. Furthermore, the weaker than expected Employment Situation Report was taken positively by the market because, in conjunction with muted inflation pressure (the May core PCE price index was up a moderate 1.6% y/y), it gives the Fed more room to manoeuvre. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted 9-1 to keep the federal funds rate unchanged at its June meeting. The policy statement had a dovish tone, inferring that the Fed will no longer be “patient” regarding future adjustments to the rate, reassuring investors that it “will act as appropriate to sustain the economic expansion” amid increased uncertainties to the outlook.

Ten-year US treasury yields continued to decline, falling below 2% for the first time since 2016, while market-implied rates priced in 100% chance of a July rate cut. This may be a bit presumptuous given that the lone (dovish) dissenter, St Louis Fed President James Bullard, is only calling for a 25bps cut. The fact that bond yields are falling, the US economy is softening, yet equities are rising suggests investors believe the Fed can avoid a more significant slowdown.

Geopolitical tensions remain heightened. Brent Crude futures surged during the month (aided by the weaker dollar) amid escalating tensions in the Middle East after the US blamed Iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and for shooting down a US military drone over the Strait of Hormuz. President Trump said the US military was “cocked and loaded” for a retaliatory strike but called it off with 10 minutes to spare, stating the loss of life would not have been proportional to the downing of an unmanned drone. A more moderate approach from Trump was evident in trade negotiations which progressed on several fronts during the month. The market had been caught off guard in May when the US announced tariffs on Mexican imports; enforcement was averted when a deal was reached shortly afterwards with Mexico committing to reduce the flow of illegal migration through its borders. Relations between the US and China also appear to have thawed somewhat after a meeting between Trump and President Xi at the G20 summit resulted in a temporary truce. There will be a resumption of negotiations with the US agreeing to hold off on any additional tariffs and remove restrictions on exports to Huawei that do not impact national security while China agreed to purchase agricultural products from the US.

Technology Review

The technology sector rebounded strongly in June, outperforming the broader market during the month, the Dow Jones World Technology Index gaining 6.8% in sterling terms. The trade-sensitive semiconductor sector witnessed the strongest rebound as the SOX Semiconductor Index gained 12.3%, with the majority of this performance notably delivered in the run-up to the G20 summit.

The near constant stream of M&A transactions continued in June with the analytics space at the epicentre as two noteworthy transactions were announced within a week of each other. The first came from Alphabet as they announced their intensions to buy private company Looker for $2.6bn (estimated 15-20x FY20 revenues). This was followed a matter of days later by announcing it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Tableau in an all-stock deal valued at $15.7bn (9.6x FY20 revenues) and at a c40% premium to the previous day’s close. This will become the second piece of large M&A has undertaken in the past 18 months. The Trust not only benefited through its holding in Tableau but also the subsequent appreciation of all data analytics companies, including our holding in Alteryx.  

In other M&A, the speculation from April proved true as Dassault Systemes announced it was acquiring Medidata Solutions in an all-cash transaction valued at $5.8bn (6.8x FY20 revenues). At $94.25 this was a 3% discount to the last closing price but a 17% premium to where Medidata Solutions was trading before the deal speculation surfaced. Semiconductor consolidation activity continued as Infineon agreed to acquire Cypress Semiconductor for €9bn (c50% premium) to enhance its industrial microcontrollers offerings and further increase its automotive exposure. This acquisition has changed the investment case for the stock so we significantly reduced our position size as we expect a prolonged period of valuation-multiple derating.

Arguably the most noteworthy piece of technology news from June was the announcement that Facebook is making its first serious foray into finance and payments. The Facebook-led Libra Association released its white paper during the month which declared plans for a new cryptocurrency named Libra. It will be built on blockchain and backed by a reserve of government-backed currencies, deposits and securities. The white paper contained admirable intentions to better serve and empower the under-banked population around the world. We still know relatively little about how Libra will operate, and there are significant regulatory and technological obstacles to overcome. On the surface, Libra promisingly seems to address some of the issues that have held back widespread cryptocurrency payment adoption thus far: high volatility, slow transaction throughput, and questionable governance.

The news had a positive impact on Facebook’s share price, with an even bigger, perhaps linked, move in Bitcoin that gained 44% over June. Regulators and politicians globally wasted little time in making demands for the project to be halted or convening hearings on the topic. The road ahead with lawmakers is clearly going to be highly challenging, but if successful it could be a highly disruptive proposition.

Off-season reporting generally delivered robust results during June. In the software sector the earnings results were well received as revenue, operating margin and billings beat expectations. Strong bookings from recent acquisition MuleSoft was cited as a contributor as this business continues to exceed management’s expectations. Billings growth of 25% y/y relieved fears of a slowdown and keeps on track to maintain its 20% y/y growth profile.

A solid earnings release was delivered by Adobe Systems that included a positive surprise above expectations on Digital Media ARR and strong performance across all business units. Guidance was modestly below expectations but likely conservative as they lap the anniversary of both the Magento and Marketo acquisitions.  Our zero/underweight position in Oracle was a detractor as the company delivered consensus-beating results on revenues, operating margin and EPS. A strong rebound in licence revenues was driven by strong sales of database and database options. Aggressive share repurchases assisted the bottom-line EPS growth, but the debate remains on how durable Oracle’s growth rate will be as IT budgets continue to be shifted towards the cloud. 


Trade war headlines continue to dominate the headlines and investors’ risk appetite alike. The latest turn is the trade war truce made between Presidents Trump and Xi at the G20 which has paved the way for the resumption of trade talks. However, uncertainty is continuing to put a strain on the global economy, evidenced by continued softness in Chinese data (leading economic indicators remaining subdued) while US ‘fast’ economic data remains mixed. Fortunately, the weaker economic backdrop has been met with looser financial conditions as a result of the Fed’s signalling of interest rate cuts and the ECB’s potential resumption of QE. Muted inflation (and perceived risk to the downside) continues to underpin the alignment of policymaker and investor interests, helping risk assets and supporting our view that a soft landing remains the base case for this business cycle.

Trade-related uncertainty has resulted in sharply lower bond yields leaving a record $12.5trn of bonds trading with negative yields, surpassing the last peak in 2016. This has clearly been supportive for risk assets, with equities trading moderately above recent history, but remaining attractive relative to both cash and bonds. Likewise, valuations of growth stocks appear elevated relative to history but against a backdrop of sub-trend global growth and trade war machinations that continue to weigh on earnings estimates, it is little wonder that companies able to deliver top-line growth should command higher than average premia. As both the source of and saviour from disruption, the technology sector continues to boast more than its fair share of the fastest growers while a select group of software, internet and payment companies with limited China/EM exposure have continued to deliver remarkable (30%+) growth leading to a Nifty Fifty-type market. While the narrative tends to focus on the divergence in valuations between growth and value stocks, it spends much less time on the divergence in fundamentals that underpin this generational shift.  

However, there are (always) pockets of valuation exuberance which we do our best to avoid, epitomized by a handful of recent high-quality software IPOs, many of which capture the zeitgeist of this cycle. It is never easy to correctly value ‘winners’ – something we have tried to hardwire into our investment approach – but as a rule we are unwilling to invest in ‘winners’ where the market appears to have already priced in medium-term bullish outcomes. Fortunately, while valuations have expanded, there are still plenty of reasonably priced stocks, including many of our preferred holdings where forecast growth is strong enough to withstand some multiple compression should it occur. While we remain alive to the risk of a near-term valuation setback, strong fundamentals give us confidence in our portfolio that should deliver growth in excess of the benchmark while avoiding the loftiest individual valuations.  

The combination of trade uncertainty, a narrower market, strong year-to-date performance and the upcoming pre-announcement season (where news flow is typically negatively skewed) has left us with a little more liquidity than usual. However, this remains tactical as we are hopeful that a trade resolution will be reached (both sides remain highly motivated to avoid inducing a recession) while muted inflation should allow central banks to absorb downside risks to growth in the meantime.

Importantly, next-generation technology fundamentals remain in rude health with the digital transformation imperative continuing to trump macroeconomic buffeting for now. A large number of recent company meetings have buttressed this view, while premiums being paid in recent technology M&A are supporting next-generation valuations.

We continue to focus on a number of secular themes where growth should be resilient against anything other than the most challenging economic backdrop and remain excited about an accelerating pace of technology adoption and broadening disruption, fuelled by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and demographic change. As a result, we continue to invest in our own investment capability and are delighted to have added two new members to the team in June – Ali Unwin and Nick Williams. This takes us to nine dedicated technology investment professionals and reinforces our position as the largest team in Europe which should enable us to broaden our research coverage at a time when technology is rapidly expanding its addressable market. 

Ben Rogoff


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