What We Do

Why invest in Technology?

Disruption and innovation in how we live and the way we work is being driven by technology and technological developments. It has become a pervasive force in our everyday lives, and the pandemic only served to accelerate this further.

We believe that technology will remain integral as we face a post-pandemic world and that the sector will continue to be a primary driver of growth as it takes ever more share of global GDP.

Technology’s impact is being felt across every industry with new opportunities coming from artificial intelligence, the proliferation of smartphone technology and the continued move to the cloud.

Why the Polar Capital Technology Trust (PCT)?

While the modern world is built on technology, an ever-advancing megatrend changing our lives today and shaping our future, Polar Capital Technology Trust plc provides investors access to this enormous, fast-evolving potential.

Managed by a team of dedicated technology specialists, PCT is a leading investment trust with a multi-year, multi-cycle track record – a result of the managers’ active approach and their ability to not only identify developing technology trends early on but to invest with conviction in those companies best placed to exploit them.

The team’s core belief of assessing future thematic impact coupled with rigorous fundamental analysis, has enabled PCT to deliver an impressive track record for over 25 years. As new major trends emerge, disrupting industries and companies across the world, PCT is well-placed to exploit these opportunities.

Our approach aims to cut through the hype which can often be found within the technology sector, and which can lead to unjustified valuations and elevated levels of risk. Instead, we look for technology companies playing on structural, secular trends and which therefore have long-term growth potential.