What We Do

Why invest in Technology?

Disruption and innovation in how we live and the way we work is being driven by technology and technological developments.

Technology’s impact is being felt across every industry with new opportunities coming from the move to smartphone technology, the cloud and, increasingly, artificial intelligence.

The Polar Capital Technology Trust provides investors with access to the huge potential of companies within the global technology sector and is managed by a team of dedicated specialists with the ability to spot developing technology trends early on and invest in those companies they feel are best placed to exploit them.

Why the Polar Capital Technology Trust (PCT)?

The global pandemic has shown the modern world is built on technology. Trends we have witnessed and written about for many years have accelerated during the crisis, and many will remain at structurally higher levels once the crisis recedes. Polar Capital Technology Trust plc provides investors access to this enormous, fast-evolving potential.

Managed by a team of dedicated technology specialists, PCT is a leading investment trust with a multi-year track record – a result of the managers’ active approach and their ability to not only identify developing technology trends early on but to invest with conviction in those companies best placed to exploit them.

The team’s core belief of assessing future thematic impact coupled with rigorous fundamental analysis, has enabled PCT to deliver an impressive track record for nearly 25 years. As new major trends emerge, disrupting industries and companies across the world, PCT is well-placed to exploit these opportunities.

There is no permanence in the technology sector, it is forever engaged in a process of creative disruption. Change in the sector is a non-linear process. Once-great companies can disappear and minnows can become giants. For an active, forward-looking investor, this can create exciting opportunities.

April 2021. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.